Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Winners!!!


i am very happy to announce the winners of the portrait party's happy birthday contest:

The Grand Prize Winners: Wendy & Cindy Woods

cindy and wendy have each won a portrait swap with yours truly. when our swaps are complete, i will post the results and mail the finished paintings to the winners.

The First Prize Winners: Juj & Witness

juj and witness will each receive one of my Poketo wallets.

The Boobie Prize Winners: Ron & Cindy Woods

cindy and her brother-in-law, ron, have also won the dubious boobie prize. i will send an illustrated music playlist to these artists. hopefully, it's a worthwhile consolation.

finally, everyone who participated in a portrait swap between march 15th and march 31st has earned a happy birthday postcard.

To Collect Your Postcards and Prizes, please contact me with your name and your preferred mailing address before may 15th. grand prize winners, be sure to send me a photograph from which you would like me to paint your portrait! thank you to the happy birthday jurors and to everyone who made the birthday party so much fun!


ksklein said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I had fun looking through all the portrait exchanges and it is nice that my fav. swap is a winner too.
Thanks for hosting the contest!

christine said...

Hooray for the winners! I was so impressed --blown away, really--by all the work I saw.

Bravo, everyone.

xo Christine

Cin said...

well hey! I'd actually forgot about the "contest" part, what a nice reminder and surprise! many thanks to the judges!

the fun of the portrait party continues, can't wait to see me drawn by you Rama! I'll be sending a photo soon as I get hold of a camera

juj said...

I was completely surprised and delighted to find Rama's note in my inbox this morning! I'd forgotten about the contest part too. I'm honored to be in such great company, and to have been chosen from so many great swaps.

Thanks so much to the jurors, and to Witness for his amazing portrait, and to Rama for hosting such a fun party!!

Anonymous said...