Thursday, March 15, 2007

step one: read these instructions

this site is an open invitation to participate in the portrait party.

in order to play, you and a fellow artist must pair up and draw portraits of one another. you can leave it at that or share your portraits on this site.

use the links here to pair up with a partner, plan a real party, or share your portraits.


Charles Basman said...

Anyone here from New York want to paint or draw eachother?
Let me know.
Look foward to hearing from you!

Quilt Knit said...

Is there someone in Boston, that would like to pair up?
Or would you like to do it long distance from photos sent only to you? The you do the portrait and post the results? Let me know. Looking forward to being in this group.
Sherrie Roberts

marina aizen said...

Hi everyone!
I am from Argentina...
quilt, if you want, please, go to my blog and contact me!

Marie-Dom said...

I'm happy to do long distance...from photo. I'd love to join in. Looking for a partner too.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in drawing from a photo?

Happy to exchange our creations afterwards!

Mary Heitzenrater

Janet said...

How about doing portraits by web cam? Anyone want to try it? I'm in NC.