Sunday, March 25, 2007

cindy woods & rebecca

cindy by rebecca

cindy woods (portrayed above) introduced danny gregory's book, everyday matters, to rebecca who works as a recreation therapist at the nursing home where cindy lives. soon after that introduction; rebecca, cindy, and some other residents formed a drawing group called "the da vincis."

these portraits represent the first time that the da vincis drew each other. cindy was impressed. "for folks who are new to drawing they didn't hesitate at all, no inner critics spewing out 'I can't do that.' they were great subjects for me because they were so happily focused on their task and mostly holding still. i'm sure I wasn't as obliging for them as my head was bobbing up and down so much between my paper and the table of people surrounding me, I only managed to capture the three, Gerri, Larry and Rebecca."

rebecca by cindy

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