Thursday, March 15, 2007

step two: find a partner to draw

hopefully, everyone has a buddy with whom to draw but, if you would like to make a new friend through this portrait exchange, just leave a comment that includes:
your name
your email address
a link to your artwork

by leaving this information, you are inviting other artists to visit your work and get in touch.

you are encouraged to visit the artwork of any artist who comments here and CONTACT him or her to suggest a portrait exchange. portrait swaps work best if you and your partner exchange photos and finished portraits by email.

if you would like to trade physical artwork (rather than emailed images), please note that in your comment.

if you are a member of flickr (it's fre-e-e!), i hope you'll join The Portrait Party group where you can share the photos from which you would like to be drawn.


rama hughes said...

i am sometimes swamped but, whenever the timing is right, i love to trade portraits. so, please don't hesitate to contact me.

name: rama hughes

christine said...

Count me in!

I'm hoping this will encourage me to put pencil to paper more often.

name: Christine Castro Hughes
work: Darling Design

Anonymous said...

ready to swap.

bring out your heads.

miss mandy

Hannah said...

name: hannah liongoren

Kristin E. said...
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Kristin E. said...

Oooh, pick me, pick me! I would love to trade portraits with someone. I can e-mail pictures of myself to you, and when we are finished, I wouldn't mind actually physically trading portraits.

Kristin Elder

melissa said...

Ready for a face off!

name: Melissa Woodland

Apple-Pine said...

Let's do it!

name: Nina Khashchina

Alexis said...

This sounds so fun! Please take a look at my work and contact me (whoever you are):

Alexis Hartman

Anonymous said...

Feeling portrait-y.
Name: switchsky

Paula Abreu said...

I have very few friends who sketch, so I'd love to trade with new virtual friends.

name: Paula Abreu

Alison Cardinale said...

Oooo! I'll play :)

Alison Cardinale and/or (i check the second more often)

Brytni said...

This sounds awesome.


aLLaNgramirez said...

i LOVE THIS KIND OF THINGS!!i can email my photos

name:aLLaN rAMIREZ

Amanda said...

I love the idea of this. I would like to make a friend.

name: amanda woodward

Chris said...

name: Chris Menice
artwork: On Flickr

carolita said...

name: carolita johnson
artwork: (or

AaronM said...

My info:
name: Aaron Matthews

mauricio salmon said...

great idea! this is one of the things i miss the most since leaving college.

Mauricio Salmon
from photos or from life anything is good( i'm in NY)

Jon Wilcox said...

I'd like to be involved!
Should I contact someone who already commented? What if someone else already contacted them? I guess I'll just put up my info and wait... That sounds safe.

Jon Wilcox

damien said...

this sounds like fun, i'd love to trade portraits with someone

name: damien mason

Oliver said...

I'd rather meet up and sketch in a cafe or something, photos are kind of flat. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

name: Oliver
artwork: sonicboy/drawings.html

Josh said...

Count me in!

Josh Ferrin

Reno, NV

josh dot ferrin at gmail dot com

Lance said...

great idea, i just started a blog just like this!
i have several pics of me on there.

Lance King

Jeff Newman said...
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Jeff Newman said...

name: Jeff Newman

Piotr said...

i draw caricatures mostly, but it would be great to try serious portraiture.

name: Piotr

thom said...

I'm all for this!

Name: Thom Futrell



kris said...

um, no real organized collection to type of yet, though still building this endless portfolio. i'd rather meet up, if in Arizona, and draw/sketch.


matt tolbert said...

Ok. I'm in too.

name: matt tolbert

evelyn darling said...

if this is still going id like to play.

name: emma

Werner said...

Great idea Rama!
But I'm in the south-east of France and don't like drawing from photographs either.

Name: Werner Pfarr
Email: wpfarr at libertysurf dot fr
Art: Awaiting a Drawing

I also invite you all to participate in my
Free Drawings Project...

Anonymous said...


Randall Drew said...

I love drawing people! Always looking for a reason to draw someone!

Randall Drew aka: SempaiMiles


Needlesville, N.Y. said...

Cool concept, here's my info:

Name: Tim Needles

jchevais said...

I'd like to play too if it's still possible:

name: jennifer chevais

jchevais said...

for some reason blogger tagged on extra info to my link at

sorry :(

Marie-Dom said...

I'm wanting to play too! Maybe this will inspire me to improve my art.
name: Marie-Dom

ksklein said...

I don´t have a lot of time, but I would love to join in if there is no tight deadline. I don´t have a lot of experience with portraits (only 2 so far ;) ) but if you can send me a few fotos and maybe some information (or blog) about yourself from which I can choose, I´m sure I can do something which won´t be too bad. :)
I would also love to trade the portraits physically, but that is not necessary - specially as I do most of my stuff in Moleskines.
I would be happy if you contact me. :)

name: kerstin s. klein
artwork: snowflakes & blackvampires

ksklein said...

having thought about it, i guess i´d rather prefer keeping the portraits. ;) but in some cases i could trade too! :)

ksklein said...

Sorry for posting 3 comments in a row, but I quickly took a pic with which I would like to join the party.

I posted my pic here. t

cricri said...

boy, this looks like fun.
who wants to draw me? :D


jennifermlee said...

i love doing portraits of people, doing different styles is so much fun for me

i love doing collective things like this
so how ever many people want to do it, lets do it!

name: Jennifer M. Lee

i would love to start as soon as possible :)

Melissa Sue said...

hello! i would love to do a portrait of someone - i'd like to exchange the actual piece of art also.

melissa sue stanley


caroline said...

Hi Im Caroline, here is a link to a portrait of a sprout (brussel) I did, Id like to draw a person (who doesnt look like a sprout) and prefer men as they are less 'nicey' about drawing portraits of women (!) so, if you are a man and want to draw me, here is what a sprout looks like... is my email

dont bother contacting me if you want to draw my boobs. Thanks ;)

Franzi said...

I love drawing/painting portraits :D
So, if you want - just ask :)

Name: Franziska Schwade
Flickr, DeviantArt
Blogspot (but I have problems with login in at the moment :/ )

jeremyjoe said...

name: Jeremy Joe
work: deviantart

im in a drawing mood

Adam said...

Sweet sassy mo-lassy. This looks like fun!

Adam Levine

Anonymous said...

Seth Patrick

looking for someone interested in trading pics with an east coaster.

Ujwala said...

I love to draw faces. Count me in.

name: Ujwala Prabhu
email: ujwalaprabhu AT gmail DOT com
artwork: Maya, draw the line

Ali J said...

I love to draw cute illustrations of girls with red rosy cheeks. I'm constantly turning celebrities & magazine pics into my girls, so I really want to try doing it with a person. :)
Name - Ali J
Email -
Artwork -

Maybelle said...
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Maybelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maybelle said...

I AM SO SORRY.... garsh this is embarrassing. But they said third time is a charm... I was trying to post the links for my artwork but it doesn't work!!! I hope it works this time :(
Aye... I've never had anyone draw my physical attributes and post it in public before but I'm always up for a challenge :) So if anyone still needs a partner!!! PICK ME PLEASE LOL! (self promotion rocks)

NAME: Maybelle Pineda
E-MAIL: or just leave me a message


Mostly digital...

:) Silvia said...

This sounds like fun!

If anybody is interested:

name -> silvia
mail ->
blog ->

biteyourowntail said...

I want to play too. Don't do many portraits so god knows what you're going to get. If you're willing to risk it so am I


Anonymous said...


Name: Margarita Rojas

Clarissa said...

I want to trade physical portraits, (probably small ones so they can be done in a couple sittings) so I'm looking for someone local to Long Beach, CA or the surrounding area.

My name is:
Clarissa Estrada

You can email me at:

You can see some of my stuff at: oedalis@deviantART

Charles Basman said...

Hi all. This sounds like fun and a great way to meet fellow artists. Im an oil painter, mainly landscapes, but I woud like to paint a small painting of someone, maybe outdoors if anyone is interested.
I live in New York and my website is:
My contact information is on my site.
I look foward to hearing from you!

Graham McArthur said...

I am in for the fun!
I enjoy all types of art work and in particular portraits that are a bit different.

name: Graham McArthur

Auntie Mim said...

Would love to do this again.
Mim Stella

Madking said...

It's been a long time since I've done a real portrait:-)

name: Roy -aka- Madking
artwork: My blog or deviant Art account

kam said...

I would like to trade actual physical portraits by mail.

name: Kelli Maier


thank you

arindamart said...

I want to join the group.I love portrait drawing in my technique.

name: Arindam Goon

brianna said...

I'd love to play - haven't done enough portrait drawing this year, and I miss it.


Carol H. said...

name: Carol Huddleston

This sounds like fun!

Dom said...

Hey all, I'd love to do something like this. I specialize in photo-realistic portraits.

Name: Dominick Rabrun
E-mail: domrabrun (at)

Michelle said...

This sound slike fun! Thanks for doing this :)

name: Michelle Hewitt

Joey said...

name: Joey
e-mail: joey at snerk dot net

draw more. draw lots. draw often. mmm, drawing.

sreeni said...

Hi. Please sombody choose me. its quite interesting.


Melissa Kojima said...

I was recommended to this site because I'm good at likenesses and I love drawing people.

Name: Melissa Koijma

elle said...

i approve of this concept very much! thanks jon!

name: elvira

Dora said...

gotta love this! here here! try me! =D
*excited!!! i love sketching figures.

name: Dora

Laura Scarlett said...

Hi everyone
Super enthusiastic to give this a try and experiment with my technique. Happy to trade the actual artwork or not and paint portraits from photographs.
Get in touch!
Laura Nelson

Lucia said...
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voytaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
voytaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
voytaz said...

Sounds fun :)

name: Wojtek call me Will(iam) ;]
artwork: blog

sry for earlier comments but something messed up and I needed to delete it.

abitamist said...

Hello all,
if anyone has not yet hooked up with a partner or would like to hook up with someone new please get in touch with me.
my e-mail is:
i am so willing to share although i am very new to this site.
i'm not sure how to link a pic. here although you may stop by my page for now. thanx and hugs, j'me

Felix Lim said...

Dubi dubi doo!

Hi Im Felix.
email :

Lucia said...

I'm Lucia. :)
some examples


If there is anyone willing to swap, I would love to hear from you.

Heidi B

annavosburgh said...

I'd love to find someone to trade portraits with. I'd be interested to see someone else's vision of me. I'd like to trade portraits through the mail. If you're interested, please contact me. This sounds like fun!

Name: Anna Vosburgh
(I'm in the process of having a website made, but you can see my work here for now.)

Donna Sensor said...

I am an abstract artist but think this sounds like fun.

Name: Donna Sensor
Email: donna at embryonicthought dot com

Anonymous said...

pick me please!!!! I'd LOVE to do this !
Name: Cassie Jahn

adiconti said...

please draw me...i'd love to "pose" for you...please recriprocate.

Andy DiConti

Anonymous said...

always up for a portrait exchange

name: mahima
email: mahimashresthaATgmailDOTcom

Louise said...

yes please!

I'm a bit slow out the blocks with flickr and blogger and all that malarky, but emailing a photo is not beyond my limited understanding of computer lingo :) This sounds like fun

name: Louise Egger

yelkeew said...

I am interested in trading portraits.

What's in it for you? You get to draw a guy with a beard and goofy glasses.

name: Dan Weekley

John Holdway said...

I want to find someone to draw with too.

name: John Holdway
artwork: http://www.johnholdway/

Marie-Dom said...

I want to join in the fun too!
name: Marie-Dom Bolt

examples of my work:

Anonymous said...

I'm jus a high school student but id lcve to anyine pick me

Daniel Magallanes

Please anyone...i have time

Skulligan said...

I have a busy schedule so I need the incentive of a trade to get me up and going!

Name: Skulligan

Ginko said...

Drawing faces is a great way to engage in the creative process.

Looking forward to trading portrait from photos with you.

Name: Ginko Lee
email: lake4ching at yahoo dot com

alexblack632 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy said...

pick me, pick me!

jawsx5 said...

Love working on portrait so this will save my family from being my subjects.

Jamie Williams

Chuck said...

Great idea, looks like much fun, another avenue. I work in traditional and digital, we can refine details upon meeting via email.

Name: Chuck G

John said...

People are my favorite subject but I am a little reluctant to impose on friends to sit for a portrait. If anyone here is interested, contact me at -

I do cartoons, children's books, science fiction, portraits, caricatures and figures.
To see my work, go to -

John said...

People are my favorite subject but I am a little reluctant to impose on friends to sit for a portrait. If anyone here is interested, contact me at -

I do cartoons, children's books, science fiction, portraits, caricatures and figures.
To see my work, go to -

Lindsay said...

I do a lot of train drawings on my way to work so having a still photo is a nice change. One of my main reasons for blogging is to meet new people so please ask me!!

name: Lindsay

seeker said...

this will hopefully encourage me to branch out a bit. i'm up for emailing files, and working from pictures.

name: marco

RAWVOLTA said...


I want a challenge!!

name : MARTA-rawvolta

Duck Duck Truce said...

not a lot of time on my hands with four jobs but I need to create something! I graduated from "Art School" almost a year ago and have done NOTHING! This is perfect! So if there's anyone out there not in a hurry for results from me here's my info!

Name: Kelli
Artwork (sadly no website up) but:
You'll have to friend me to see the artwork and pics of me so just tell me you're from the portrait party and we'll be new BFF's!!! Can't wait!

Paul said...

Would love to get started with long distance portraits from picture. please, please contact me at:
P.S. my name is Paul

Nadine Bozek said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Im Krista, this seems to be a great way for me to practice some painting! I work in oils and would love some interesting faces to work with! Would like to work via photos. Let me know if you're interested!
some of my art is up on

pompatooie said...
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pompatooie said...
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John from Santa Fe said...

I do dog portraits, but I'd like to try people. If there are any people reading this, please get in touch. Thanks.

John Boucher

It's A Dog's Life said...

Hey, John Boucher again, I put up a page with pictures, in case anyone wants to do this with me. I keep writing to people, but I guess everyone's busy. Come on, let's draw.


TJBookarts said...

I'd love to trade portraits with someone.

Name: Jackie Poutasse
Some recent work:

k_maslan said...

Please, let's trade!

Kristi Kirby Maslan

Lau said...

Well, great Idea Rama!
I would like to make exchange.. so, Im Lau, from Argentina..
some of my work at..

or contact me by email:

Chris said...

I'd be interested in exchanging photos to do portraits.

Name: Chris Davis

ariela said...

This sounds like so much fun! And I have so few people I know who sketch...

name: Ariela Steif

Anna Lee said...

Hi all,
This sounds fun, I would love to swap portraits! We can swap photos by e-mail, and it would be great to exchange the finished artworks through postal mail.
name: Anna Lee

ClaraCharlotte said...

I'd prefer to meet up and sketch.
I live close to Cologne, Germany.

Anonymous said...

pick me pick me! i'll take all the partners i can get!!

name: Parita Shah
email: (please state the subject of the email as PORTRAIT PARTY)


Anonymous said...

so I figure since I'm now officially a starving artist, I might as well smarten up and trade portraits with some talented artists so that my wife and my heirs with be left with a king's ransom in art

name: Ed Marion

Anonymous said...

THis still going? I am SO in!

Jess Vickery

Sue Lane said...

This sounds like a great idea to inspire my 9th grade Studio Art students to put more effort into their artwork.

I an defiantly considering participating after my students complete their self portraits.

victoria said...

I would love to do this, is it too late?
Feel free to email me- (this is to anyone!)

-warning- i'm not a pro-artist or anything, i draw for fun, so don't be disappointed when you dont get a masterpiece :)

Name: Victoria Yan

its a very small portion of my work, I dont really upload it much unless I have to for such and such.

tschank said...

Id love to try!
name: Tiffany Schank

tschank said...

Id love to try!

Tiffany Schank