Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Eights (A Portrait Party Contest)


in honor of the date, 8/8/8, i will trade portraits with the first person who completes eight portrait swaps in the eight different methods listed here:

one-minute portrait: each partner draws the best portrait that she can in sixty seconds.

continuous line portrait: each partner draws a portrait without lifting his pencil off the paper.

blind contour portrait: each partner draws a portrait without looking at his drawings.

ambidextrous portrait: each partner switches hands to draw her partner. (if you are right-handed, draw with your left hand. if you are left-handed, vicey-verse it.)

upside-down portrait: each partner draws an upside-down portrait of his right-side up partner.

tonal portrait: each partner draws the tones of their partner's face, not necessarily the lines or the features.

eight-minute portrait: each partner draw the best portrait that they can in eight minutes.

mnemonic portrait: each partner draws a portrait of their partner from memory.

here's the legalese: a portrait swap means that the contestant draws a portrait of his partner and the partner draws a portrait of the contestant. swaps will not qualify for the contest until BOTH portraits are submitted to the site. click here to share your portraits. to win this contest, a swap must be done in each of the eight methods listed above. the contest is over as soon as a contestant submits all eight swaps. if two people complete all eight swaps together and are the first contestants to submit all eight swaps, i will trade portraits with both winners. when the winner or winners are announced, i will contact you about trading portraits. when our swap is complete, i will mail the portrait(s) to your favorite address.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Vacation!


sorry i've been out of touch for a couple of days. i was visiting with my beautiful new nephew, calder (portrayed above). i am back now but i need time to get ready for the upcoming school year. so, the portrait party is going on vacation until september. i will have a contest to keep you busy though! the details will be posted this friday.

by the way, to those of you who never collected your prizes from the last portrait party contest, now is a great time to get them. just send your address to me using my contact information.