Friday, March 23, 2007

rama hughes & danny gregory

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danny gregory is a kind of celebrity in my house. my wife introduced me to his work soon after we met.

what i love most about his artwork, his books, and his website is his absolute love of drawing. over the winter holiday this year, i was surprised to receive an email from danny. he had found me through his pal, tommy kane, and just wrote me to say hi. the next time i checked my messages, he’d sent me a drawing… OF ME! that he drew from a photo he found on flickr. i hope you don’t mind, he said. “mind”?! you're danny gregory!!

it took me a few months to reciprocate but i did the same thing: browsed his flickr and surprised him with this portrait.

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aPugsLife-laserone said...

Hey, what a fantastic website! The drawings are great and what a neat idea to have portrait parties & trade portraits. :)

rama hughes said...

thanks, laserone.

you should sign up too!

(p.s., i like your peeps drawings.)

Apple-Pine said...

great portraits! I like that monochromatic feel you both chose :)

I just signed up and hope to get a couple of my friends to join ;) How busy are you, guys who sidned already? I'd love to exchange portraits with you!

rama hughes said...

hey apple, i think it's safe to say that we're all pretty busy separate from this portrait project. so, this game should just be something fun to do when we have time on our hands.

that said, i already have photos of three new people who i'm going to draw when i can and more to come, i hope. and you can contact anyone here (or in our flickr group) who you might like to draw with also.

wagonized said...

Rama -- i just found you through Danny Gregory's website. Would love to do the portrait thing. So how do i go about participating...?
The opening page of your website alone convinced me. Then i read your bio. 1974, great year. :-)
Love your work.

wagonized said...

Just saw the instructions on the right hand side...

rama hughes said...

hey wagonized,

all you have to do is find a buddy to draw and have him or her draw you too. send me a link to both portraits and i'll post them on the website.

if you want or need help finding someone to draw, you can contact anyone on the "find a partner" link and invite them to trade photos with you to draw. you can also visit our flickr group to do the same thing.

thanks for visiting the site (and the compliments)!