Thursday, April 10, 2008

christine castro & rama hughes


when the urge to draw strikes, anything can become a drawing material. at one of our favorite restaurants, i used hoisin sauce to doodle this portrait of christine (above). the waiter was so intrigued that he borrowed the plate to show off around the restaurant. when we returned a month or two later, the same waiter brought our utensils, water, plates, and ~ with a hopeful look ~ another squirt bottle of hoisin sauce. "i think it's your turn," i told my wife. she drew this portrait of me (below).



littlemithi said...

:) They remembered you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

RAma, my husband and I were at dinner last night with friends and I described your resturaunt portrait. Well, we dug in and made our own too! You have started a new world wide craze! That bit on the nose Kelly made is a bit of desert.