Saturday, March 29, 2008

juj & witness


juj (portrayed above) has never has never participated in a portrait party before. although she agreed to swap portraits with witness (portrayed below), she regretted it immediately. "i'm completely out of my league!" she worried. "what if it's awful? what if he hates it?" as it turns out, she had so much fun doing it that she might just party with us again.



littlemithi said...

Wonderful! Both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ksklein said...

witness, want to trade again? ;)

juj.... great portrait! no need to worry!

ksklein said...

just came back to have another look. they are really both great. juj: yours too. I forgot to metion that in the first comment.

Witness said...

I'd be happy to do another swap ms. klein. Just drop me a line.

ksklein said...

Great. :) I remember that you were my first portrait drawing ever and that it was the one I was least satisfied with. I´m still not in your league, so I can completely understand juj. But at least I know that I have gotten better. :)

And juj? You want to exchange a portrait too?

ksklein said...
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