Thursday, March 13, 2008

heidi banford & anna vosburgh


heidi (portrayed above) and anna found each other through the portrait party. LOVE CONNECTION! and yes, don't worry, i contacted my lawyers before posting heidi's drawing of anna (below).




Might I ask why you didn't use both of the portraits of Anna. I did the Illustration because she had made mention that she liked the illustrated pictures from my blog.

P.S. It was hand drawn as well, just with a tablet instead of a pencil.

Just curious. Thanks Rama.

rama hughes said...

hi heidi,

no reason really. for the most part, i only post two portraits per swap and, in this case, i just thought that your pencil portrait had more life to it. the colored version is nice too though. if anna draws you again, i would be happy to post it with her second portrait.

all the best, rama

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