Friday, March 21, 2008

kerstin klein & rama hughes


the photo from which this painting of kerstin (above) was drawn has been used for so many portrait swaps that it seems like an icon to me now. i thought about asking for a new picture but i was curious to see how my version would turn out. kerstin's drawing of me on the other hand (below) took me by complete surprise. it's like a portrait of my daydreams!



rebecca said...

that is the BEST portrait of you - how cool...

ksklein said...

Thanks so much for the portrait. It just makes me happy. It will be the first pic I´ll put on the wall in our office. All the other pictures I´ve got will be arranged around it. :)

I also like to see the different styles of the artists and am glad when they use the same picture. I´m glad you asked me to be a juror of the next contest. Otherwise I would have been tempted to submit another 20 portraits. ;)