Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jurors!


i've been so excited about this post! here at last is the list of jurors for the happy birthday party contest:

christine castro (portrayed above by kerstin klein)

before this website was born, christine and i were portrait partying alone on our living room floor. she is the person who suggested these contests in the first place and, all year long, she has peeked over my shoulder to be the first person to see your portrait swaps. i once heard a saying: "behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." christine is mine.

danny gregory (portrayed above by france belleville)

danny needs no introduction here because, if your blogs are to be trusted, a lot of you found your way to this party through the one that he started with Everyday Matters.

kerstin klein (portrayed above by jennifer m. lee)

kerstin was the winner of the last portrait party contest and a fan who has kept this party going since the moment she burst through the door.

penelope dullaghan (portrayed above by herself)

penelope is a pal, a dynamite illustrator, and the founder of my favorite internet art project, illustration friday.

ted vadakan (portrayed above by me) and angie myung

ted and angie are the finest of art connoisseurs; the founders of the art network, poketo; and the friends with whom i co-created the wallets that two lucky contest winners will receive.

tommy kane (portrayed above by danny gregory)

tommy is an ad man, a fantastic artist, and the brains behind the portrait party website.

hopefully, all of you are as excited about the jurors as i am! feel free to leave comments for any or all of them but, please, no bribes.


littlemithi said...

Wow! I completely feel off my chair when I saw this list...

Danny's book is what got me back into art - read the very first entry on my blog! Inspired by this I trawled the web and found Illustration Friday (and Penelope - although I still haven't managed to enter an illustration into IF yet!). Also found crafty Christine, and through her Rama - and e-mailed him while I was still contemplating taking up illustration, and got a postcard ;) (which hangs on my inspiration board).

All this thinking of illustration led me to the poketo website from where I purchased the wallet that I use regularly now (and its falling apart - so I could really do with a new one!)

Tommy Kane is someone else I found through Danny and EDM, and whose blog I visit regularly as he's one of my FAVOURITE artists, as he does those gorgeous colour pencil sketches - I lurve my colour pencils...

And then there's Kerstin, who's been a regular visitor to my blog for a long time and has been tremendous encouragement ... her PIF gift to me holds up all my spare stationary on my desk - I still owe you yours Kerstin!

All these people have been so inspirational over the last 2 years as I moved from science, into art, and now specifically illustration ... to be judged by them is SUCH an honour ... I am humbled!

Good luck to all the entrants this birthday season!!!!!!!!!!!!

ksklein said...

I completely fell off my chair too when I saw the list of my co-jurors. I feel honored.

Just like Mithi I´ve been inspired in a similar way by most of the jurors. And I won´t mention it again that my most fav. artists are on this list.
The only one I aparently need to check out are Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. (Of course I know Poketo though.)

Good luck to all the participants!

Danny Gregory said...

I'm excited and honored to have been picked as a judge. I have been busily spreading the word and I hope it will get zillions of new and cool partyers in the next few days. Congratulations to Rama and Tommy for lighting the fuse a whole year ago!
Your pal,
Danny Gregory

Tommy Kane said...

I fell off the wagon.

ksklein said...

@Tommy: *lol hope you didn´t hurt yourself. ;)

littlemithi said...

Man overboard!