Sunday, May 11, 2008

rama hughes & lauren hughes


my mom painted this portrait of me (above) after i shared a potentially embarrassing confession: i sometimes try to move things with my mind. there was an autumn in oregon when i spent my lunch break trying to believe that there was no difference between the fallen leaves and myself. i think that might be the trick to telekinesis. unlike some moms who would discourage this kind of lunacy, my mom loved it. she wanted to draw it!

when she was a teenager, my mom wrapped herself in a rug and wandered around the neighborhood pretending to be a bear. there is more to this story. lots more. below is the pencil sketch that i drew for a painting that i am doing of my mom. as i drew it, i couldn't help thinking "my mom is just a girl." she is a kind, free, hardworking, earnest, silly, enthusiastic kid doing her best to be a grown-up and a wife and a mom. it was hard to see that until i became a boy trying to be a grown-up and a husband and father someday. i'm grateful for her example.


happy mother's day, mom!


littlemithi said...

Hey Ramamamamaaaaaa...

I've been admiring your portraits lately (well, for a long time, but ESPECIALLY lately...).

What medium do you use? I see a lot of them are pencil - what grade? And the stuff on your website; is it some kind of pen and marker or watercolour or digitally coloured?

Just curious... College term almost over so trying to organise things for myself to experiment with over the summer.

rama hughes said...

hey mithi,

all my drawings start ~ for the most part ~ with a number two pencil.

they are colored with acrylic paint, watercolors, markers, colored pencil, computer stuff, whatever i can get my hands on/have time to use.

littlemithi said...

Thank you!