Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kerstin klein & anton rittiner


this is one of the best portrait party stories that i have heard. our pal, kerstin klein, found this portrait of herself (above) on one of her favorite blogs, logbuch isla volante. to quote kerstin exactly, "i immediately recognized myself and thought i must be dreaming. i had to look twice. it is an incredible feeling to be drawn by someone whose art i have been admiring daily." being kerstin, she of course returned the favor (below).


p.s., kerstin, your painting is on its way!


ksklein said...

The blog Isla volante is a virtual island - somewhere, nowhere, out there, in the future and you can read about the happenings on the island, the people living there and about the visitors.

So I was indeed surprised that I saw myself visiting that island. And I´m still saving to get some of Anton Rittine´s artwork. I guess that will take some more time. :)
Thanks for posting this. It is wonderful to see this again.

ksklein said...

PS: Can´t wait to hold your art in my hands.
So now how do I get Danny Gregory and Tommy Kane to exchange portraits? After that "Mission Accomplished!" for this life and I´ll have art from all my fav. artists. :) Any suggestions. ;)

rama hughes said...

regarding your painting, it's on its way but i don't know how long the mail to germany is. let me know when you get it; set my mind at ease.

regarding tommy and danny, it might be as easy as asking them! they're both cool like that, especially when they have time on their hands. you could even draw them first to make the invitation especially appealing.

p.s., i have another surprise for you that i will reveal on the 14th.

ksklein said...

Of course I´ll let you know when the painting arrives.

Now I´m really curious what surprise you have in your pocket for us. I´m gone a few days, but I´ll be back on the 14th fortunately. :)

Take care,