Monday, July 2, 2007

rama hughes & christine castro

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the portrait party is back from vacation! among many other things that happened while we were gone, my wife and i got new glasses. she drew me in mine (above) and i drew her in hers (below).

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ksklein said...

woo hoo. they are back! :)

michaelmotorcycle said...

where'd you guys go? was it fun? (of course it was, but we wanna know!)


rama hughes said...

read all about it! (with more on my real blog soon.)

Prozacville said...

I love the texture of her hair in this one Rama. You can sure fucking draw a good portrait. I'm in awe.

Mouth gaping open und stuff.

PS Yer missus rocks too (any jealousy in the Hughes' house about glowing comments etc.?)

Prozacville said...

Still loving it.

In fact, really like it when you guys draw each other.

I think it's 'sweet'. A word I don't use that often.