Tuesday, July 10, 2007

miriam stella & kerstin klein

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miriam stella (portrayed above) worried that her drawing of the portrait party's number one booster, kerstin klein, (below) might be the "worst portrait ever done in the history of art." don't worry, miriam. i have seen much worse (usually drawn by people who refuse to try).

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ksklein said...

lol... i had to look up the word "booster" in the dictionary. i have another few portraits done waiting for the partner to get done. ;)

@miriam: i told you - no need to worry. :)

Prozacville said...

I like both.

To be honest, I think the more cack-handed/art brut/ outsider art pieces are sometimes more interesting and soulful than a perfect rendering.

Sometime's a kid's scrawl will just 'get' a person 1000 times better than the most artful portraitist.