Friday, May 11, 2007

lali hughes & rama hughes

my sister, lali, is a fantastic model. when we were growing up, she would drop almost anything to pose for me. my favorite example being a time that she stepped out of the shower to take a phone call but sat down ~ soaking wet ~ for a portrait when i told her that her hair looked cool. besides this willingness to be drawn, lali has a talent for being still without being rigid that is a rare treat for artists.

despite her talents as a model AND her natural talent for art, lali is reluctant to draw. she seems to enjoy the process but hates worrying about the product. so, she tends to stick to drawing exercises (like blind contour), creating iconic drawings, and experiments like this portrait of me.

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when a felt tip marker dried up, she smashed it open and used the inky insides to execute this portrait of me on a page from the new yorker. the headline (if you can't read it) says "misogyny on every wall" which always alarmed me for some reason. it is one of my favorite portraits. on another occasion, lali drew with chocolate cake.


Cin said...

that is a gorgeous portrait!

ksklein said...

both are great.

stephen kramer said...

Hello Rama, My name is Stephen Kramer, and I am writing to you in order to ask your permission to use the portrait (contour of face in ink on newspaper) as marketing material design for my newly established blog - I really love the work!

Thank you for your consideration.


Stephen Kramer

rama hughes said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the email. I'm so glad you like the work. Unfortunately, I cannot give you permission to use any images from the Portrait Party for your blog. The copyright to each image is owned by the individual artists and cannot be used without their written consent. If you would like to contact an individual artist about purchasing rights to their work, you are welcome to follow the links to their websites. If links are not provided, they would prefer not to be contacted.

I wish you the best of luck with your new blog though. It looks like a great idea.

All the best, Rama