Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Can I Draw You? (A Portrait Party Contest)

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since i started the portrait party in march, i have received a lot of offers to trade portraits. i honestly want to accept every invitation but i don't have time. to make myself more available, my wife suggested a contest.

i will trade portraits with whoever invites the most new artists to join the portrait party in the month of august.

here are the details:

1. "new artists" will be defined as anyone who has not submitted a drawing to the portrait party already.

2. new artists won't be counted until they complete a portrait swap and share the results with the rest of us.

3. the deadline to submit portraits will be august 31, 2007.

on september 1st, i will count up the new recruits and announce the winner. when our swap is complete, i will frame my portrait of you (like this) and mail it to your favorite address.

if you have questions, just let me know.

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