Saturday, August 11, 2007

aaron renier & craig thompson

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aaron renier (portrayed above) created one of my favorite comics, Spiral-Bound. one of the many characters in his story is a dog named stucky (portrayed below). while his classmates work on pinch pots in the art room, stucky creates a larger-than-life fully functional clay submarine that is put to use in the climax of the book. it's hard not to love stucky. his ambition and his perseverance are inspiring. can you imagine how delighted i was to discover that stucky is actually a portrait of aaron's good friend, craig thompson? and the submarine is craig's comic book masterpiece, Blankets.

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this is maybe my favorite portrait of the party so far! because it tells us more than what craig looks like. it tells us what it's like to be his friend.


christine said...

And of course that makes me like both artists even more!

Bearuh said...

COOOOOL this site looks like FUN!!!!!!! Maybge I will join!!!

Claire said...