Thursday, August 9, 2007

jeannette langmead & karl stevens

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jeannette (portrayed by the eiffel tower) partied her way into one of karl steven's comic strips.

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Anonymous said...

go go go Jeannette...that Ramafied portrait is nearly yours...

ksklein said...

sob... i haven´t even found one new partner and i really want tjis ramafied portrait.... damn!

no takers?

rama hughes said...

i didn't want to comment on jeannette's early lead in the contest because i don't want anyone to feel discouraged.

i had a hunch she might win it though. she's done about a 1000 swaps so far.

if anyone wants to give her a run for her money though, here's what i suggest: have a real life portrait party. like a tupperware party. invite your friends to your house. sing the praises of portraits. draw everyone. make everyone draw you. voila! a half dozen portraits just like that.

of course, i wouldn't be surprised if jeannette is already going door-to-door.

Jeannette said...

Um, yeah, with what I have lined up no one else has a chance.

Rama, you dont mind mailing my portrait to my new address in Japan, do you?


rama hughes said...

you could move to mars, jeannette.

if this week is any indication, you'll have earned the postage.

ksklein said...

i´m not discouraged and at least i found ONE new partner! ;)
so rama, i´m collecting portraits for your next years contest to have a chance too ;)