Monday, May 21, 2007

rama hughes & michael wertz

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thanks to the magic of the internets, my wife and i have made a lot of friends who we've never really met. when she asked me not so long ago which of them i would like to meet in person, i answered "michael wertz!" but you already met him! "i know."

above is a portrait that mister wertz drew of me for our annual music trade. you can see the color version here.

the pain of having an internet friend is that, if you want to draw him, he has to send you a photograph.

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and you are at his mercy if he's gonna act nuts!


michaelmotorcycle said...

wow, rama. cool. i love the way you draw hair.

we should be coming down to your neck of the woods this summer (soon). we should have a milkshake & we'd love to meet christine.

thanks, buddy.


rama hughes said...

i know just the place to take you and andy for milkshakes!

christine and i will be travelling A LOT though. so, please let me know when you'll be here.