Saturday, November 14, 2009

an international portrait party


Melissa Woodland and David Gran organized a portrait party for their students through Art Education 2.0. Melissa's Art 1 Students were paired up with David's art students from a high school in China. Students swapped photos electronically and drew each other. You can see more of the portraits on flickr and artsonia.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I have perused through several entries dating back to 2008 and I'll gladly admit to having truly have enjoyed your Portrait Party~ What a great idea! More people should draw AND pay attention so others more than they do to themselves. This is a great way to do both.

In fact, I like the second portrait on this entry so much that I would like to use it on my blog as a weekly image of inspiration. Of course if you would rather I not, just let me know and I will remove the image and link to your blog immediately.



rama hughes said...

hi dorian, i'm so glad you like the portrait party.

each artist owns the copyright to their own work. so, if you would like to use any of the images from the site, you should contact the artists first to ask their permission. their web addresses are included in each post.

if they say it's okay (and most of them probably will), please include a written credit to the artist along with a link to their site.

thank you.