Thursday, December 18, 2008

lauren hughes & rama hughes


when i was 11, my mom (portrayed above) drew a picture of me (portrayed below) in my underwear. that was my apparel of choice back then. when i was 21, she decoupaged that drawing onto a present for me. it was a beautiful box full of letters and drawings from my friends. you could say that box started this portrait party. tomorrow, i turn 34. it amazes me that we've been drawing each other for that long. decades!



christine said...

Happy birthday eve, Rama.
I can't wait to celebrate!
xo, your wife

alex butterfield said...

I'm spotting a trend with these portraits of you, Rama.

It seems it's your birthday soon. Have a good one.

rama hughes said...

is the trend in my pose? because my whole family was drawing me at the same time.

LaurenH said...
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lauren hughes said...

every day a joy
every decade a joy

being your mom

happy birthday dear rama

i love you