Monday, October 27, 2008

sarah y. & mr. hughes


sarah y. is the student responsible for the portrait party fad at our school. her mom gave me permission to post our sketches here. below is the one sarah drew of me. "in the art room because you're always there," she said.



Cin said...

Yay for Sarah for starting Portrait Party at school, I love her sketch of you that includes the classroom, bravo Sarah!

beautiful sketch of Sarah, Rama, your loose but sure brush work is awesome.

Sarah said...

Hiya mr. Hughes I still have that picture and I hanged it up in my room it goes well w/ the purple walls I also put the others up. Thank you Cin though I worked on it for two minutes.:) and I'm glad that mr.Hughes put the portraits up so other artists could comment on them. Please don't leave our school Mr.Hughes your my favorite art teacher yet.