Saturday, June 14, 2008

A MoleSkine Portrait Party


Would anyone like to do a special edition Portrait Party Moleskine Exchange? The host, Melissa, suggested a large scale international portrait party using the japanese fold moleskines. Each person starts with a Japanese Fold Moleskine, draws herself on the first page, includes 2 or 3 photos of herself in the pocket, then mails it to the next artist. Each artist then draws the previous artist and a self portrait to go with it and then mails the moleskine again. The details can be found on Melissa's Moly X Portrait 1 blog. I'd love to see the results!


melissa said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the plug, Rama. We've filled group one and Marty has started a second group. You can follow the flickr discussion to meet up and join a group here:

Marty Harris said...

Rama, thank you very much for your kind support. This site is truly special. It is a unique and meaningful way of bringing people together. The effort of creating a piece of portrait art for another person is a great and simple gift, sort of like bringing homemade sweets to a new neighbor. Bravo!