Thursday, February 7, 2008

lindsay olsen


i had to bully lindsay into letting me post this self-portrait instead of another nice-but-less-self-portraity drawing. it reminded me of a few portrait exchanges that i did in college when friends gave me drawings, suddenly became embarassed by the drawings, but i refused to give them back. i guess i'm kind of stubborn. sorry, lindsay, but thank you for indulging me. this drawing is so much better for the self-portrait project and the process was weird and fascinating.

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Lindsay said...

bully my foot! You asked nice and polite like. I just felt a little shy about this one becasue to my eye I look so SAAAAAAAD. I"d like to say I'm not so moody but I know members of the clan would be quick to correct me......This is great fun. Thanks for inviting me to your party.