Friday, October 19, 2007

andy warhol & david hockney

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two of my favorite artists! i can always count on andy (portrayed above) and david (portrayed below) to help me settle down after a long, long week.

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it's worth mentioning that andy's portrait of david hockney (above) is part of a series of society portraits that many regarded as the moment that andy warhol "sold out." what his contemporaries didn't understand is that andy, always the business man, had duped the rich and famous in funding one of his masterpieces. anyone could commission a portrait but there were two inflexible rules: there would only be two prints and the size was not negotiable. obsessed with time capsules, andy conceived this project not as a series of portraits but as a single portrait of an era. the sizes were fixed so that, in the far future, all the portraits could fit easily into a grid. you see why i enjoy the man so much? who else imagined museums of the year 3000?


Flood said...

Please send one minute short video about yourself commenting on Andy Warhol so we can feature it at Project Democacy 2.0 site

rama hughes said...

thanks, flood. unfortunately, i don't have a camera.