Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Minnesota Center for Book Arts


my wife and i moved this month and, although we love our new home, it hasn't had internet access until this afternoon. perfect timing actually because, just this afternoon, i received a beautiful surprise from roz stendahl. she and her friends at mcba (the minnesota center for book arts) had a portrait party! they made books from their drawings and they sent me a copy! the cartoon above is by ken avidor. he opened the party with a pep talk and drew this picture of the party in progress. thanks for including me everyone!

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Marty Harris said...

I am sad that I haven't been able to join the folks for the monthly visual journal clutch at MCBA. There was one last night, but with 11 moly_x book sitting here I felt like I had an obligation right here at home.

Small world. I hosted a cropart show several years ago. Roz (the bug lady) and Ken were among 25 artists showing their entries to the Minnesota State Fair crop art competition. One of the higher points in my life.