Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Eights (A Portrait Party Contest)


in honor of the date, 8/8/8, i will trade portraits with the first person who completes eight portrait swaps in the eight different methods listed here:

one-minute portrait: each partner draws the best portrait that she can in sixty seconds.

continuous line portrait: each partner draws a portrait without lifting his pencil off the paper.

blind contour portrait: each partner draws a portrait without looking at his drawings.

ambidextrous portrait: each partner switches hands to draw her partner. (if you are right-handed, draw with your left hand. if you are left-handed, vicey-verse it.)

upside-down portrait: each partner draws an upside-down portrait of his right-side up partner.

tonal portrait: each partner draws the tones of their partner's face, not necessarily the lines or the features.

eight-minute portrait: each partner draw the best portrait that they can in eight minutes.

mnemonic portrait: each partner draws a portrait of their partner from memory.

here's the legalese: a portrait swap means that the contestant draws a portrait of his partner and the partner draws a portrait of the contestant. swaps will not qualify for the contest until BOTH portraits are submitted to the site. click here to share your portraits. to win this contest, a swap must be done in each of the eight methods listed above. the contest is over as soon as a contestant submits all eight swaps. if two people complete all eight swaps together and are the first contestants to submit all eight swaps, i will trade portraits with both winners. when the winner or winners are announced, i will contact you about trading portraits. when our swap is complete, i will mail the portrait(s) to your favorite address.


ksklein said...

cool idea. if anyone needs a partner, then let me know. :)

Joan said...

I had fun, even though it was just 'half' a portrait party. I drew my partner, but didn't ask her to draw me.

Link under 'URL' should lead to my results.

anu kalikal said...

hi i came to ur blog thru arindam. he asked me for a portrait exchange and when i asked wat it was he gave ur blog . i like the idea . its so nice to see so many ppl drawing . i am a self taught artist . i work as a graphic designer . but mainly i write . poetry is my passion . visit my blog if u feel like .

Marty Harris said...

Always the teacher. That's a whole semester's worth of work. Sheesh!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Excellent. What a great project. Almost makes those of us who are too scared to draw portraits want to try it out. Almost.