Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Happy Birthday Party (A Portrait Party Contest)


the portrait party is one year old today! to celebrate, everyone gets a birthday card and a few of you get presents!

here are the details:

1. everyone who participates in a portrait swap between march 15th and march 31st (and sends me their address) will receive a postcard from yours truly. also, every portrait swap submitted between march 15th and march 31st will be entered in The Happy Birthday Party contest. a surprise jury will select their favorite swaps for these fabulous prizes:

Two Grand Prizes: Portrait Swaps with Yours Truly

i will trade portraits with both participants of the portrait swap that earns the highest score from our jury. when the winners are announced, i will contact you about trading portraits. when our swap is complete, i will frame my portrait of you (like this) and mail it to your favorite address.

Two First Prizes: Poketo Wallets

both participants of the portrait swap that earns the second-to-the-highest score from our jury will receive one of my Poketo wallets.

Two Boobie Prizes: Music Swaps with Yours Truly

i will trade an illustrated cd playlist (read this carefully, you boobs!) with the participants of the portrait swap that earns the lowest score from our jury.

2. a portrait swap means that the contestant draws a subject and the subject draws the contestant. swaps will not qualify for the contest until BOTH portraits are submitted to the site. click here to share your portraits.

3. favorite swaps will be selected based on a total score received from our surprise jury. swaps may be judged by whatever criteria the individual jury members like: artistic ambition, endearing story, humor, et cetera, whatevera!

4. the jury will be announced on March 22nd and the winners will be announced on April 15th.

5. the birthday illustration above was drawn by christine castro.

if you have questions, just let me know.


littlemithi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quilt Knit said...

Happy Birthday! I am looking for a partner. If I get a partner do I get to join? I am in Boston, MA I have a Cam on the computer I can use. Anyone for long distance Portraits.

Sherrie Roberts