Saturday, February 23, 2008



priya drew this self-portrait at two a.m. while listening to a beethoven sonata after having polishing off half a large devil's food cake while drinking some french wine called cinsault-grenache and something something about a "wills classic milds ciggie." her fans want to know: was she possessed by the devil's food cake?


eshu said...

i love this
it reminds me of a painting that was in my grandparents' house growing up

Anonymous said...

I rally like this. Is it charcoal?? Very moody, lots of emotion. Good work! Steve

priya said...
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priya said...

thanks eshu and steve. yes, it's done with charcoal.

borntolovemagic said...

moonlight sonata is awesome..and the sketch is perfect..and i smoke milds and play beethoven on my guitar..
are you from mumbai evil girl..