Friday, July 13, 2007

steve w. & sean duggan

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steve (portrayed above) sent his portrait of sean (below) with a mea culpa: he was sorry for how long it took him to complete their portrait swap. he also apologized for suggesting the sean might be impotent.


Prozacville said...

Oooooooh. We're up on the portrait party. How exciting.

You've made my crappy Monday morning, Rama.

Can I also officially state that Sean is not impotent. He has now sent me pictorial evidence (photographs, not his own drawings) of him engaged in 'acts of a sexual nature' with three (or was it four) large-chested women.

He was aroused and 'packing' in each shot. He swears this was all done without the need for Viagra.

I believe him.

PS my portrait also has Valium-Jeannette in it. AKA 'Hello Cowboy' Jeannette Langmead, IFN brat extraordinaire. I'm surprised you didn't recognise her. A good likeness I think.

The Wellbutrin dude was just hired as a model for a day cos he had a large cock. I can't remember his name.

rama hughes said...

of course, i recognized jeannette. it looks just like her!