Tuesday, April 3, 2007

jose cabana & patricia m. de cabana

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jose cabana and patricia m. de cabana discovered the portrait party through drawn! they used to do similar trades when they were younger. when she was in art school, patricia even got together with her girlfriends to have portrait parties of their own. she has left an open invitation on her blog if anyone else would like to trade drawings with her.

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thom said...

Hello! I am a portrait artist from Jackson Michigan and I would love to join the portrait party, is there anyone still needing a partner? If so, please email me at nightreaper@sbcglobal.net

rama hughes said...

hey thom, you can find a bunch of artists still looking for a partner (like the boys and girls at a middle school dance) by clicking the find a partner link to the upper right.

Tommy Kane said...

They both did an amazing job.

Anonymous said...

pati..all the portrait work of yours I've seen is so sensitive and breath taking.
maybe a trade later...I'll leave a comment on your site.

Pati @-;-- said...

Thanks Rama, Tommy and Switchsky :)