Tuesday, March 20, 2007

mister rama & madison

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this portrait was drawn by one of my prekindergarten students, madison. her mom rarely picked her up until the very, very end of the day. so, she and sister were often left waiting while i cleaned up the room, swept, prepared for the next day of class, and eventually sat down to join them in whatever activity i concocted to pass their time. on this evening, i let them draw in my sketchbook.

while i drew madison and her sister, madison drew me. i was always impressed by how much she observed compared to her classmates. "why did you color my face green?" i asked about this one. because of your polka dots. i felt my face. "my polka dots? you mean my pimples?" i asked. horrified. no! your polka dots, she said and ran her hand across my stubble.

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